When going to a Restaurant, go with your Gut Feeling

A recent US study has added further evidence for the validity of going with your gut feeling. Researchers asked a group of people to choose a restaurant based on their gut feeling, and another based on their logic. They found those who chose based on their gut feeling were more likely to recommend the restaurant to their friends, suggesting they were happier with their choice, than one based on logic.


Personally, I think going with your gut feeling, going with your heart, a decision based on your instinct, a decision based on your intuition all are basically referring to the same phenomenon.


Logical choices are based on your conscious analytical thoughts, such as looking at the price list, the food range the cooking method and so forth. This is a function of the left brain.


Gut feelings and Intuition take in many more senses and factors into consideration that goes well beyond our conscious thoughts such as the locations, smells, sounds, touch, past experiences and so forth. This is a function of the right brain. I think that this is a higher level of thinking and corresponds to what the Hindus refer to as “the third eye”.


Too often we drown out the intuitive thought, because it doesn’t seem logical. The next time you get a gut feeling, stop and sense what is going on in your body. Compare what it is saying to what your mind is saying. You may feel it as a warning that something is wrong with what you would logically choose. Really go into that feeling and listen to what you are being told. The more you practice this, the more natural if feels and the quicker you will make a decision.


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