Transformational Acupuncture International

Treating mental health
through acupuncture

What is Transformational Acupuncture?

The transformational Acupuncture International method incorporates knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psych-K, Ayurvedic understanding of the chakras, Sacred Geometry, and the power of your intuition.

Working on the level of mind, body and spirit, Dr Joannou applies acupuncture to safely and effectively treat mental health such as depression and anxiety.

Dr Joannou has documented significant benefits to patients with mental health issues using Transformational acupuncture.

Did you know 1 million Australians suffer with depression and a further 2 million suffer anxiety?

About Dr. Alex Joannou

Dr. Alex Joannou

Dr Alexander Joannou MBBS (Hons) FACNEM, practice principal of Northside Health a nine doctor medical centre, has learned a lot about the human psyche in his 40 years medical career. Following additional training in nutritional and environmental medicine, counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy, together with over 400,000 patient consultations, including performing over 60,000 acupuncture treatments, Dr Alex has witnessed firsthand the complex interrelationship between the mind, body and spirit. Dr Alex has developed a system, Transformational Acupuncture, that has been demonstrated to help people with depression, anxiety and stress.

Dr Alex, a conjoint lecturer with UNSW and an RACGP accredited supervisor, has been training medical students, international medical graduates and General Practice Registrars for 20 years. He now brings his teaching skills to acupuncturists in training them in Transformational Acupuncture. Dr Alex is passionate about teaching practitioners to gain optimal results with their clients and presents the workshops in an interactive and experiential way.

Dr Alex is author of “Transformational Acupuncture: A drug-free solution for Depression”, due for publication 2018.